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Umbrella Armory ARP9 CQBR (Art:00003336)

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ARP9 CQBR (Art:00003336)
Farbe: Black

The one and only ARP9 established itself as one of the best SMGs to rule SPEEDSOFT Tournaments, played by some of the most exceptional players. Its feather weight construction, alongside a sturdy out of the box internal construction makes it a solid base for a high performance upgrade. The kicker with this build — There is no air line!

Trigger feeling is integral to performing great with any gun. Luckily the G&G ETU is a phenomenal system, providing a reassuring button trigger feeling that connects the player with his gun. Together with the PERUN ETU++ EXTENSION we are bringing programmable features for the technician and the player.

Players must not change technical settings (e.g. active braking, precocking) of the rifle as this may result in performance errors or damage not covered under the warranty.

In order to sustain the high rate of fire and control the technical circumstances of a DSG build the rest of the gearbox has been reinforced in critical areas.

- Perun Upgrade MOSFET Kit for G&G ETU AEG Gearboxes
- Adjusted Oil Tempered Wire Spring
- Umbrella AOE Corrected Piston Assembly
- POM Piston Head
- Padded Aluminium V2 Cylinder Head
- Hair Trigger Modified Retro Arms Red Trigger
- Short Stroked Dual Sector Gear
- Reinforced V2 Bearing Spring Guide
- Umbrella 8mm Bearing
- 21.2mm O-Ring Air Nozzle
- Reinforced Bevel Gear
- Umbrella R-Hop Prometheus EG 6.03mm 135mm
- 11.1V 2000mAh 20C (Deans)
- PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine
- A battery (NiMh) is included. A battery charger is not included.

- Hop-Up: Adjustable
- Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic
- Magazine capacity: 60 rds
- Length: 590 mm
- Length (folded): 500 mm
- Inner barrel length: 135 mm
- Thread: 14mm CCW
- Motor: Long
- Connection: T-Plug
- Caliber: 6mm
- Gearboxversion: v2 Custom
- Weight: 2.1 kg
- Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 350 fps (1.15 Joule)

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