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Warrior DCS 5.56 Config (Art:00000042)

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DCS 5.56 Config (Art:00000042)
Farbe: Coyote

The Dynamic Combat System (DCS) is a lightweight, unobtrusive system that is robust yet ergonomically designed to provide exceptional comfort and functionality. Designed with direct input from active S.F. Operators. The DCS is suitable for both Special Forces requirements and PSD operations.

The DCS can contain large ballistic plates at the front and back and has the option to wear side plates “6 x 6” or “6 x 8”. N.I.J. rated Level 3a Front, Back and Side Armor can also be used with I.C.W. style Plates and for additional protection against I.E.D.s armor carrier, with detachable sides.

The shoulders are fully adjustable and have an emergency release on one side, which frees the left shoulder area and allows the operator to remove the rig without taking off his helmet. The side sections of the DCS are fully adjustable in size and can be adjusted in less than 15 seconds. 3D Spacer Mesh lining is used for comfort and allows body heat away from the body surface while helping with airflow to cool.


- Lightweight
- Easy to use
- Emergency release system
- Comfort and breathable
- Compatible with ballistic armors

In the box:
- 5* Warrior Elite Ops M4 Mag Pouches Every pouch holds 2 x 5.56mm Mags ( including P Mags )
- 2* Small Utility/Medic Pouch

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