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Clawgear AUG Blast Forward Compensator (Art:00002445)

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AUG Blast Forward Compensator (Art:00002445)

Clawgear‘s muzzle device products are designed to increase weapon performance and handling. Due to it‘s hardened steel construction, this rugged and high quality item will serve you in any combat situation.

3 Expansion Chambers
The construction guides the exhaust gases in optimal direction to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

Counter Nut
Mount the AUG SOF Compensator with the counter nut to ensure a secure fit on the barrel.

Breacher Spikes
These hardened steel spikes allow the user to destroy barriers in CQB situations. They can also be used as a fastening point with the included tool.

Closed Body
Forwards exhaust gases and noise away from the user.

Steyr AUG A1/A2, AUG A3, AUG A3 SF, AUG P, AUG Z with thread, AUG Z A3 with thread, AUG LMG variants, AUG SA variants, F88 Austeyr, Thales EF88 / F90, MSAR STG-556

Make sure your weapon is unloaded and safe. Dismount existing muzzle devices and clean the thread surface. After applying a drop of oil on the thread, screw the counter nut counterclockwise on the barrel until it stops. Screw the compensator counterclockwise on the barrel so it touches the counternut - then turn it back until the Claw Gear logo faces upwards. Tighten the counternut towards the compensator by hand and use a 19 mm wrench or the included tool to secure the position.

- Total length: 50 mm
- Thread: 13mm CCW

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